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Service Schedule / Check Sheet

If you are a UK AutoTalk member, then you can download the Service Schedules and Check Sheets for FREE. Download to your desktop, open the program and click on the yellow bulb icon in the header to highlight the text fill area. You can then enter your garage details and print unlimited copies on A4 paper, save the file for later use

Terms and conditions, please read
The UKAT service schedule is recommended for UK registered vehicles older than 3 years from 1st registration (out of warranty). Additional service operations may be required depending on the vehicles mileage and registration date, please check with the vehicle manufacturers service schedule for details. The schedule covers most of the service items/checks required by manufacturers but may invalidate the vehicles warranty if used during the warranty period. Please make sure the service schedule is carried out by a qualified automotive technician. The UKAT services schedule is not recommended for commercial and 4X4 vehicles

Copyright details
The Garage Forms have been designed by AFS Redhill Ltd, all items are protected by copyright. Please do not copy, reproduce or forward to non members. The Garage Forms are for your personal/garage use only. Our service schedule has now become an Industry Standard Schedule for many UK Independent Garages (used by SWS Solutions garage management system GA3)


Promote a professional image with a completed service schedule for your customers. Keep an accurate record of service items checked and replaced for future reference. Make sure all labour and service/repair items are invoiced by using a work record sheet

Preview Service Schedule
Preview Service Schedule (Industry Standard Schedule)

Download Service Schedule - Enter your own garage details (1.05MB)

Preview Colour Service Schedule
Preview Optional Colour Service Schedule

Download Optional Colour Schedule - Use your garage stamp (1.05MB)

Preview Inspection Report Check List
Preview Vehicle Inspection Report Check List

Download Vehicle Inspection Report Check List (1.56MB)

Preview Work Sheet
Preview Work Record Sheet

Download Work Record Sheet (1.04MB)

Preview Diagnostic Check Sheet
Preview Diagnostic Check Sheet

Download Diagnostic Check Sheet - Enter your own garage details (1.05MB)

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